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Welcome Colton! / Newborn Photographer / Staunton, IL. / Always N Forever Photography

Hey Everyone!

I would like for you to meet Colton, the adorable son of Caleb and Chrissy.  This little prince has only been on Earth for a short period, but he is such a naturally beautiful baby.  I absolutely had to take advantage of those good looks during this session.

Seriously–his creamy skin tone, smooth complexion and natural glow make Colton a serious contender for pretty much any “cute baby contest” in the country!


Because I wanted to highlight baby Colton’s good looks, I chose to keep props and background noise to a minimum.  I did use his tractor to help enhance the natural beauty he already has, though!

Coltonblog-3 Coltonblog-5 Coltonblog-11 Coltonblog-14 Coltonblog-15 Coltonblog-17 Coltonblog-21 Coltonblog-23 Coltonblog-25 Coltonblog-32 Coltonblog-40

See you next time!

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