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Gushleff Twins / One Year Olds & Cake Smash / Edwardsville, IL / Always N Forever Photography

Hello again, Everyone!

I honestly cannot put into words how much I enjoyed photographing these young ladies! The two of them have a bond that no other siblings have, unless they shared mommies belly together.  It’s so adorable watching them, one stealing and the other gratefully sharing.

They are both so precious and little, that it’s hard to believe they are a whole year old.  But you know what 1-year-old birthdays mean?  Cake.  And smashing cakes, of course!

As you can see, Zao & Zoe had so much fun at their smash the cake session.  It was their favorite part.  Who wouldn’t, am I right?

Gushleff-3 Gushleff-4 Gushleff-6 Gushleff-9 Gushleff-10 Gushleff-20 Gushleff-23 Gushleff-27 Gushleff-31 Gushleff-34 Gushleff-44 You do not want to miss these pictures.  Check them out below!

Gushleff-50 Gushleff-53 Gushleff-63 Gushleff-65 Gushleff-68 Gushleff-75 Gushleff-78

If you are interested in my milestone or my One Year Cake Smash sessions email me at or call (618)334-5160  XOXO Dana


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