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Baby Cayson’s First Xmas 2014 / Baby Photographer / Highland Illinois / Always N Forever Photography

Hello Again!

Cayson also celebrated his first Christmas last year.  And he never made an appearance on here, but it’s never too late.  Because these are too cute not to share.

cayson-58 cayson-94 cayson-86 cayson-77 cayson-70 cayson-64 cayson-41 cayson-28 cayson-26 cayson-24 cayson-17 cayson-14 cayson-13 cayson-3bw cayson-2

Christmas is just 6 weeks away!! AAAHH!  That makes me feel like I’m running out of time to shop and get ready!

Can I make it a little easier for you?  Sign up for my Limited Edition Holiday Mini Sessions that will be in Highland Illinois at Silver Lake next Saturday November 21.  I still have spots available and you don’t want to miss this.  It’s one thing to knock off your list, because I have packages that include custom Christmas cards.  This year I am introducing new cards.  Stay posted to see them in a couple days!

Call or message me now to schedule a time for you. (618)334-5160  XOXO Dana


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