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Whitley / 18 Month Toddler Portraits / Always N Forever Photography

Little Miss Whitley is growing like a weed.  And being so far behind on my sessions to upload here, I’ve skipped quite a few sessions including her 6 months session.  But, these are too cute not to share.

Whitley has such a cute little diva personality as you can see in the ninth photo.  One of the pictures that isn’t shown here, she is bringing me flowers to smell.  And you’ll see her smelling them in a lot of her pictures.  I just adore her little facial expressions.

It’s amazing how much they change from just a couple months of not seeing them.  I cherish the milestones I get to photograph for mom and dad.  It is by far my second favorite to photograph, first being newborns!

Whitley-3 Whitley-6 Whitley-8 Whitley-10 Whitley-18 Whitley-19 Whitley-22 Whitley-27 Whitley-30 Whitley-34 Whitley-35 Whitley-36 Whitley-37 Whitley-39 Whitley-46

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