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We thought we were never going to get the snow for this cold winter.  We’ve had such weird up and down temperatures with warm weeks and cold weeks, but never any snow.  All around us, the snow would pass us by, miss us and go north.  I’ve prayed for some beautiful snow to give me this vision I had.  Well, a couple visions I have, I have more to get out, but the others will have to wait till I get the right models.

Oh, but this snow, it came with a good warning, but I didn’t count on it until I saw it with my own eyes.  I was out playing in the snow at midnight!! LOL  I like playing with my camera at night, yes.  Rolling around on the ground, with a flash light, and my dog, running around in the snow and the snow flakes, with my camera, yep that’s what I call fun!

Well, that’s not what this is all about!!  But, these precious angels had their moms throwing their wardrobes together just moments before they ran out the door to go meet up with Miss Dana.  They got to be models, and dress up and at first, it was such a beautiful warmer day, but then it soon got really cold.  And these beautiful babies were such troopers as they began to freeze!

wintercousins-37 wintercousins-44 wintercousins-42 wintercousins-41 wintercousins-38 wintercousins-35 wintercousins-32  wintercousins-37 wintercousins-26 wintercousins-24 wintercousins wintercousins-14 wintercousins-10 wintercousins-9 wintercousins-7 wintercousins-5 wintercousins-3wintercousins-28wintercousins-30wintercousins-29

Thank you so much!

Call and schedule a session today (618)334-5160 Dana


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