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Whitley Shay 6 Months Baby Girl / St. Libory Illinois Baby Photographer

I met this gorgeous baby girl 6 months ago when she was brought into our world.  And I was so excited to show off her photos because she was the most gorgeous little girl ever!!!  But when I took a trip up to St. Libory when she lives for her 6 months pictures and walked in her door and saw those beautiful eyes, I couldn’t believe she could have gotten any more breathtaking.  I mean it, I walked in the door and she was smiling, giggling, and her eyes were so big bright and sparkling blue.  Her smile was what stole my heart ❤ …Whitley-1 Whitley-7 Whitley-10 Whitley-14 Whitley-16 Whitley-20 Whitley-21 Whitley-27 Whitley-30 Whitley-34 Whitley-36 Whitley-39 Whitley-41I just love babies in overalls!!Whitley-51 Whitley-50 Whitley-48 Whitley-43 Whitley-42Whitley-52Whitley-61Whitley-57Whitley-56Whitley-55Whitley-66Whitley-69Whitley-71Whitley-73Whitley-80Whitley-81Whitley-83Whitley-91Whitley-105Whitley-110Whitley-113I hope you enjoyed her precious smiles and giggles!!!  Until again…

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