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Whitley Shay Newborn Baby Girl / Collinsville Newborn Studio Photographer

I’m going to jump right in, because I have been working all day on these gorgeous images to get these up.  I could not wait any longer to show them off.  I know Mom & Dad are super anxious to see them, since it’s been a little while since we took these.

I recently had an awesome session with Michael & Heather back in February and we have been talking back and forth about this little one and her arrival.  We weren’t sure when or how she was going to make an entrance.  But Mom was definitely ready for her, and had a due date scheduled if she wasn’t going to follow through on her own.  But lucky for Mom, she came earlier than planned.

Friday night, March 8th I got the text!!  And I was jumping for joy!!  “Whitley made an early appearance, she was born yesterday, weighing 7lbs and 18in “.  So Heather and I started making our own plans.

Tuesday morning, just 5 days new, I got to hold that baby girl and snuggle her!! Oh was she the sweetest most beautiful little girl!  Mom brought so many headbands to play with.  As if I didn’t already have enough of my own.  I loved hers more!!  With this new girl in my studio, I had all these new backdrops, new props, new baskets.  We had so much fun!

Alright, enough enough…See for yourself…Whitley-3 Whitley-18 Whitley-26 Whitley-36 Whitley-40 Whitley-51 Whitley-54 Whitley-62 Whitley-64 Whitley-66 Whitley-70 Whitley-75 Whitley-78 Whitley-82 Whitley-85 Whitley-91 Whitley-93 Whitley-99 Whitley-104 Whitley-107 Whitley-108 Whitley-125 Whitley-128 Whitley-138 Whitley-143 Whitley-146 And you have to end with a good happy ending family kiss!Whitley-149bwGood night all!





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