Chad & Melissa Engagements / Marine & Highland Engagement Photographer

Okay, so no judgement!!  Chad & Melissa are already married, but these are such adorable pictures.  And I have obviously not blogged them, and had to show them off!  So here they are.  Very late!!  Engaged, Married, and already have their first son who is almost a one year old.

DSC_2802 DSC_2808 DSC_2821 DSC_2831 DSC_2880_1 DSC_2887 DSC_2939 DSC_2945 DSC_2955 DSC_2963 DSC_2976 DSC_2986 DSC_3003 DSC_3015 DSC_3018 DSC_3020 DSC_3026 DSC_3034 DSC_3038 DSC_3043 DSC_3052 DSC_3057 DSC_3069 DSC_3077 DSC_3103 DSC_3150 DSC_3152 DSC_3160 DSC_3242 DSC_3268XOXO Dana


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