Jenkins Family Christmas 2013 / Woodland Park Collinsville Illinois Photographer

My favorite family, photographing them every year, and this is the second time in year 2013, but for the end of the year season.  I photographed them in the end of the 2012 season year, but it happened to be late, so we made it out in January 2013.  I always look forward to spending time with the Jenkins family.  I make an excuse to see them throughout the year.  They are a joy to see, and they brighten up anyone’s day.  Plus, they added a beautiful new dog to the family who is absolutely gorgeous!!!  And Mr. Dallas, the little man, oh he calls me Ms. Dana, and it melts my heart!!  He always gives me hugs and kisses when he sees me, and says good bye!

Jenkins-2 Jenkins-5 Jenkins-8 Jenkins-11 Jenkins-14 Jenkins-19 Jenkins-20 Jenkins-23 Jenkins-26 Jenkins-31 Jenkins-36 Jenkins-41 Jenkins-43 Jenkins-46 Jenkins-50 Jenkins-51 Jenkins-56 Jenkins-57


Jenkins-60Xoxo Dana



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