Araylee’s 6 Month / Collinsville Baby Photographer / Collinsville Portrait Photographer

I don’t think I can say this enough….Araylee is sooooo beautiful!!  I can’t get enough of this adorable and sweet baby girl.  Her eyes, her laugh, her screams (lol).  Oh and did I mention she has already mastered doing crunches.  She does not like to lay on her back without tightening up and giving some crunches.  Mommy told me about it, but I didn’t believe until I saw it.  I could not believe it!  She would not stop, every time she rolled to her back, crunches!  Dr. says she’s gonna have visible muscles by the time she’s 1.  Can you believe that!  Ugh, so cute!  Wish I had her dedication. lol

Anyhow…check out those eyes!  Her smile!  Her beauty!araylee-2 araylee-9 araylee-18 This was her moment of hearing herself scream! I take it, she loves to hear herself.  It was very loud!! But OH so cute.araylee-24 araylee-36 I loved this outfit Mommy brought, and it came with the most adorable Michael Kors boots that grandma just bought her!araylee-45 araylee-46 araylee-47 araylee-52 I love precious baby lashes. MMM!  So sweet.araylee-65 araylee-68 araylee-75 araylee-87 araylee-99 araylee-102 araylee-113 araylee-119Book today. (618)334-5160



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