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Christmas Mini’s 2013 / Collinsville Portrait Photographer

So I have been so backed up with all of the Christmas rush of orders and sessions.  I am so glad I now have time to catch up with blogging.  We had a very busy year in 2013.  It was wonderful.

Here are a few of my favorites from each of the mini’s for Christmas…christmas2013-4 christmas2013-11 christmas2013-16 christmas2013-17 christmas2013-39 christmas2013-52 christmas2013-58christmas2013-61 christmas2013-77 christmas2013-101 christmas2013-105 christmas2013-112 christmas2013-124 christmas2013-128 christmas2013-129 christmas2013-139 christmas2013-153 christmas2013-159 christmas2013-167 christmas2013-180 christmas2013-185 christmas2013-189 christmas2013-197 christmas2013-212 christmas2013-215 christmas2013-219 christmas2013-220 christmas2013-222 christmas2013-228 christmas2013-229 christmas2013-232 christmas2013-236 Do you recognize this cutie?  Just weeks later, he turned 3 months.  Check out my blog post of Aiden turning 3 months.christmas2013-239 Have you ever seen such a cute Santa??christmas2013-247 christmas2013-254 christmas2013-259 christmas2013-264 christmas2013-270 christmas2013-280 christmas2013-282 christmas2013-288 Garloch-4 Garloch-9 This is my newly wed family. Mark and Holly had a sweet and intimate wedding in November.

Garloch-27 Garloch-35 Garloch-36 Meredith-20 Meredith-31 Meredith-39 This beautiful little girl is turning 3 months in February.  Stay tuned to see her session coming soon.

Meredith-43Happy Holidays Everyone!!!  XOXO Dana



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