Cleaning for the New Year @ Always N Forever Photography

This is a little off topic.  We are snowed in for a few days at the studio/home.  Our snow drifts can be anywhere from a foot to 3 feet.  The wind chills are unbearable at about -20 and the temperature outside right now is -3.  BRRR!  So we are cleaning around here.  Yesterday was the first day I finally took all the Christmas decorations from the studio.  It was a mess.  Multiple Christmas trees, garland, fake snow, snowmen, etc.  Yep, and some extensive vacuuming from all the tree shedding.

So I thought I’d add something I found today on pinterest.  Another blogger came up with a yearly schedule for organizing your home.  If I can keep up with the schedule, I would have a pretty clean/organized home.  But for me, more than likely I will do all or most of the steps in one days time.  Because when wedding season kicks back in, there is no time for organizing.

I have been organizing my business for awhile now with different tasks and systems.  I found Google Drive, and am so excited what I started.  Why have I never known of Google Drive.  There is a “form” that allowed me to make questionnaires to help me learn more about my clients and their needs before their session.

I also made a questionnaire to help me understand if I am giving my clients everything they can get out of me.  Making sure that they are nothing less than completely satisfied with my service.  I’ve gotten some awesome feed back already.  But I will leave that for another days blog.

For now, lets organize our homes together.  It’s the perfect time, since we are only a week out from our New Years Resolutions.  What’s your resolution?  I think I need to write mine down, so I can keep track of it and make sure I follow through.  And I also think it’s best to have it written somewhere you will see it everyday, to ensure that you don’t forget.  I think I am going to put it on my screen cover for my desktop.  That way, every morning I wake up…it will be a reminder!

This is the link…  I am just copying it here for easier access.  I did not write this, nor am I taking credit for it.  I am only sharing what another blogger wrote to help you organize your home.  You can even go to the site and download a FREE ebook on home organizing.



Organize papers. Shred or recycle paper. Set up 12 folders for monthly planning and filing. Use a filing system to plan ahead with birthday cards, coupons, recipes, holiday ideas and more. As each month ends, you can use the folder for notes of things to remember next year or for receipts to save.

Organize clothes. Pare down what we own and only keep in our closets what we actually wear. Sort clothes in closet by color or type. Invest in new hangers to make the best use of closet space.

Organize computer files. Create desktop folders, organize documents and back up important files to an external hard drive.

Organize accounting system and budgets. It’s time to organize bill paying paperwork and systems, and assess the budget and plans for the new tax year.

Organize the kitchen. Which dishes have we used in the past year? Toss out old spices, clean out the refrigerator and pantry. Assess the condition of the kitchen towels and aprons. Keep items you use and love, and give away the rest! Unless you have a lot of storage space in your kitchen, items you only use seasonally should be organized by season and put in storage. Wipe down all shelves and surfaces.

Organize and clean garage and storage. It’s time to find the excess that’s been hiding out in the garage or storage space! Give away or sell what you don’t need. Reorganize and sweep out storage spaces.

Organize kid’s toys, clothes and keepsakes. Set aside one box to store favorite memories, one box for toys to give away and one box for clothes that no longer fit. If your kids are grown and out of the house, reclaim space for yourself by decluttering their old items and sending them their mementos to store at their own homes.

Sort and organize linens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Toss or give away excess or worn out linens, and pare down or replace only the essentials for each bedroom and bathroom. Clean out under sinks and toss out old medications, cleaning supplies or cosmetics. Tidy up nightstands and dressers.

Organize photos. Delete blurry photos. Back up photos on your computer to an external or online storage system. Print out photos for gifts, albums or Christmas cards this year.

Organize for the holidays. What do you want your holidays to look like this year? Make plans for hosting parties, entertaining or family get-togethers. Gather new addresses for holiday cards. Save favorite ideas, recipes and plans in a holiday folder or notebook. Organize and pare down holiday decor to what you love.

Organize hobbies and crafts. This month as you are crafting or spending more time indoors, assess and organize craft supplies. Pare down to what you need and use. Make a few handmade gifts to use up some favorite crafts! Organize or toss out wrinkled or old gift wrap and tags.

It’s time for house cleaning and preparing for holidays. Spend a few days at the beginning of December deep-cleaning your house and setting up guest rooms or bathrooms for visitors. Clean the oven. Set up a wrapping station for gifts. Restock your baking supplies and set up a baking station so you can enjoy holiday goodies and make treats to give away.

Happy planning for 2014!


HAPPY SNOW DAY EVERYONE! Tomorrow is another snow day for us.  Collinsville and most of the schools in the area will still be closed.  We have plenty of food to get us through this.  I was one of the lucky persons on Saturday to stock my cart at Sam’s Club.  But, I forgot to go get red potatoes.  I am dying to make something yummy in the crock pot.  But I feel that it can’t be done with out potatoes.  Everything is good with potatoes.

Until next time…

Organize away!



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