Aiden is 3 Months / Illinois Baby Photographer / Collinsville IL Photographer

My easiest, sweetest, happiest baby boy turned 3 months.  He is so adorable!  I could cuddle him all day.

I also have to say…I just love baby toes!  They are soooo cute.1 Mommy & Daddy say “Go Blues”2 When Aiden arrived in my studio, he was wide awake and full of smiles.  But as soon as I turned the lights and camera on him, he hid his smiles from us.  But I didn’t give up.  Some where in that time of continuous shooting away, I captured a couple.  And mom was so happy!!3 I also love all the baby grins they make.  They are always changing, and these are the moments you want to remember forever.Aiden-11 I absolutely adore this outfit Mommy picked out for him. Aiden-35 Aiden-68editSchedule your baby session today. (618)334-5160  XOXO Dana



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