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Aaliyah Christmas 2013 / Collinsville, IL. Portrait Photographer

I finally got everything all caught up from Christmas and my last two weddings of the year.  So now, it is time to catch up here.  This was my biggest Christmas yet with all the children and families that came to the studio.  I am so blessed by my clients and the love they show me.  The best gift is by hearing from new clients that my favorite clients are talking about me to everyone.  All my clients are my favorite, because I love everyone.

We had a few winter white days here in Collinsville Illinois.  But our Christmas sessions were in the studio to keep everyone warm.  I baked fresh chocolate chip cookies and had yummy yummy candy canes for the kids.
aaliyah aaliyah2Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!!

Schedule your Valentine mini sessions now for 2014.  (618)334-5160 XOXO Dana


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