Morgan Engagement Session / Illinois Wedding Photographer

The morning started out with cold chill of 40 degrees.  One of the first cold mornings of the season.  I started my morning off with a post on facebook that it may be cold outside, but it’s definitely perfect for cuddling!  That was only my first thought of the day.  Once Sydney & Jake started walking towards me at Morgan Street Brewery, & Sydney took off her lovely white coat, I could see the chill on her bare arms.  She was wearing a sleeveless black dress.  It was beautiful, & holding her hand tight was Jake looking spectacular himself in his gorgeous grey pants and awesome knit tie.  They were a photographers dream with their cute matching outfits.

Besides their outfits, every moment watching them, there was nothing more than laughing and giggling.  As they picked on one another with their cute love and teases, all I could focus on was Sydney’s beautiful big smile and her pearly whites.  By the end of our session I realized I took over 300 images of her laughing and them just enjoying each others company.  It was almost like I wasn’t there.  I barely had to ask them to pose or position themselves.  They were so much into each other that they showed what a photographer has to coach to couples.  I was in heaven!  I completely forgot that I was cold!!  What a perfect cold fall morning.engagements-14 engagements-22 engagements-30 engagements-54 engagements-55 engagements-74 engagements-80 engagements-82 engagements-88 engagements-94 engagements-105 engagements-109 engagements-116 engagements-132I am so excited that I get to photograph their May 2014 wedding.  Stay tuned to follow their love story. XOXO  Dana

Call or message me to schedule a free consultation and receive a free gift to help you plan your wedding. (618)334-5160


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