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Referral Program

Today I excited one of my clients with thanking her for referring me and telling her she got referral credit.  She said she didn’t know I did that.  So I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone that does not know, and to new friends/clients that I offer a referral program.  For every friend you refer to me, you will receive $50 in print credit.  There is no limit on how many friends you refer, so you can add up those points as much as you want.  I want you to.  So REFER ON!!  Go ahead, tell your friends, and lets see what you use your print credit for!!!  I love my clients, and when they love me, they tell me by referring me to everyone they know.  There is no better compliment than to refer me to your friends.  Thank you everyone, I appreciate all of you!!backreferralcardsm
Call to book your session today (618)334-5160  Dana


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