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Christmas Family Mini’s

Happy Holidays!!  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, lots of good food, gluten free and yummy!!  It’s a new life for me, and us!  My family is willing to learn new ways for me.  After our family dinner at our house, I took a nap to be ready for our late night Black Friday shopping.  Christian and I had a blast.  Then when Friday came, we were almost hungover feeling.  So Friday went by fast, then Saturday a very cold Senior session.  Sunday was another cold morning, but luckily it warmed up by noon.  Christian hung out with me again at Mill’s Apple Farm at the Tree Farm.  We picked an awesome spot, decorated our pick of a wonderful tree and waited for my families to arrive.  Each family showed up and surprised me with fun and unique Christmas outfits.  They all looked lovely!  Can’t wait till we do it again next year!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

There is still time for Christmas pictures.  Call me today to schedule an appointment (618)334-5160 Dana



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