Bailey Wedding, May 12, 2012

I had the honorable pleasure of photographing the most unique wedding I have ever seen. Miranda Bailey is an anthropologist.  So her wedding theme went way back to history.  Each table setting was based around all the different Gods, like Athena, Zeus, Psyche, Daphne, etc.  Her wedding planner from Dream Weddings, Kim Cruse did an amazing job designing and making each individual setting.

I was overwhelmed with excitement once I realized I got to be a part of something amazing.    And when Miranda showed me her dress, everything gave me chills.  Each detail of the wedding was carefully planned and researched.  From the embroidering on her dress, the jewels on the bridesmaid dresses, the ivy crowns for the bridesmaids to the honey and walnut ceremony.  Miranda had her dressed handmade to match the traditions of Godesses.  Her dress was the only one in color, where her bridesmaids each had ivory dresses.  It was almost like I was in a dream at this wedding.  It was far beyond perfect!!!

Congratulations Travis & Miranda Bailey!


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