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Nutritional and Easy Homemade Baby Foods your Little One will Love

Serve fresh, mashed with a touch of garlic salt. If you’re feeling fancy, add finely diced tomatoes.

One cup contains more protein than a tablespoon of peanut butter! Steam or boil until tender and puree. Tastes wonderful with steamed and pureed carrots as well!

Many varieties are perfect for one of baby’s first foods. Roast until tender, puree and voila! Stir in some applesauce and a pinch of cinnamon for a delicious dish.

Peaches and Pears
You can use fresh or canned peaches and pears. Simply slice, mash and serve for a yummy treat any time.

Remember – You should always consult your pediatrician about all dietary choices for your baby. Be sure to allow a week after you introduce a new food, before you introduce another. Use clean hands and utensils when preparing baby food, and be sure that foods are at a comfortable temperature before giving them to your baby.

Bon’ appetite!


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