Breanna, Class of 2012, Highland High School

Breanna is a senior at Highland High School and graduating this summer of 2012.  Meeting up with her and her mother for the first time, we both knew we’d click.  My ideas and her ideas are almost the same.  All the locations I mentioned were exactly what she had imagined and made her extremely excited.  Of course, when someone shares the same interests as me, you must guess that it makes me ecstatic also!!  Breanna is in her high school marching band, has top grades and her dreams are to be a veterinarian.  She has a strong and bright personality.  Her best asset is her big smile!  Every image of her laughing, became my favorites.  They show her true personality.During our consultation, she mentioned this crazy homecoming dress that she wore the year before that had her favorite color in it, Yellow!  So I drove around looking for great locations that would make her pop, and the weekend before I came across these beautiful sunflowers still in full bloom in October.  I couldn’t believe how awesome they still looked and feared they wouldn’t still be wonderful for pictures the weekend after.  I found these at Aviston Winery, so we also utilized some of the other great scenery spots there.And look at those eyes!!!And of course, my eye spotted a bunch of bright yellow tunnels at the junk yard that was far in the distance.  It was so meant to be, for us to drive by this place and find such amazing backgrounds and props to use.I had imagined a willow tree for her, and the night before she was asking everyone on facebook to find her one.  I surprised her the next day from following her searches! lol  I was so excited to bring her here.I love this one!  This tractor junk yard we found turned out so spectacular!  I love taking the most unusual places and turning them into the best locations for pictures.She looks like such a BA on this one! lol (Says her friends!)Congrats Breanna, I wish you a strong and powerful future. Class of 2012


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