Kleiner Wedding, Nokomis & Maryville, IL. 9/17/11

Introducing Cody & Robin Kleiner, married on Septembe 17, 2011 in Nokomis, IL, Robin’s home town church.  Nokomis is a very small town, with out really any shops or restaurants, except lots of cornfields.  But when there’s a wedding, especially of this amazing couple, the little hometown church was packed.

Cody & Robin now live in Marine, IL.  Cody, an engineer, and Robin, just graduating with her nursing degree, who now works for Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, had a country like wedding.  Dad took the morning off from plowing the cornfields to be with his daughter the morning of her wedding.  He also left a small section near the house for a beautiful background.


As Robin was getting ready at her parent’s house just one block from the church they were married at, Cody spent a morning golfing and getting ready at their home in Marine, IL.  Moments after Cody arrived home, a surprise showed up in his driveway.  Robin surprised him with his old, but beautiful corvette to drive to the wedding in one last time.  And if you were wondering about that tutu, it was from Robin’s bachelorette party.Cody & Robin had a secret meeting between just the two of them.  That first site for a man, is the one he will always remember when he thinks back on his wedding day.  It’s the glowing in the eyes, with the butterfly in his stomach.  I love capturing the first moment of two loves seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.We then headed back to Mom & Dad’s house to play in the cornfield.  A little unsure, Robin realized later, that these were some of her favorite pictures.The reception was at the wonderful Villa Marie Winery in Maryville, IL.  Once they arrived, it was started to get dark.  We made our way to the vineyards quickly before we lost all light. What they didn’t realize was how magnificent the skies really were that night.

You were so much fun and filled with so much loving energy.  Congratulations Cody & Robin Kleiner!


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