Paoli Wedding, Maryville & Collinsville, IL, 9/10/11

Daniel Paoli, from Paoli Builders and Nicole Paoli, owner of Studio 8 salon in Edwardsville, were married on September 10, 2011.  A date that can never be forgotten.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, not too hot and not a bit chilly.  We started out with all the girls meeting at Sizzor Shak in Collinsville, where Nicole used to work.  Then we headed back to the log cabin, Daniel & Nicole’s lovely home.  It was fun playing with the girls matching shirts.  They all looked gorgeous.Boys and their toys.  Back at Mom & Dad’s house, Daniel and his boys got to play with some fun toys.  They are big hunters, and they love their guns!

It was so hard to pick just a few of the amazing pictures of Nicole, because she is so camera loved.  

The evening wasn’t over yet.   I have to say, the cake baked by a friend, was the absolute best cake I’ve ever had.  And it was so beautiful with all the exquisite flowers all over it.  And then when Daniel was going for Nicole’s garter, he did a little dance and strip tease.  It was hilarious!!  It turned out to be their fairytale wedding in the end.




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