More space, less time, MORE FUN!!

Wow, so it has really been too long since I have last posted anything.  I promised to keep up with this and I have been so busy.  Well the truth is, after many issues and heart aches of my computer, I have finally fixed my problem.  Spending over an hour at the Apple store today to figure out what was making my Macbook Pro crash every time I was trying to work, we realized that I was putting too much into the 2GB  of Ram on my computer.  So, I maxed out my Ram and now have 8GB!!  I am so super excited and pleased with it.  It’s running much smoother and quicker while having more than one program on at a time.  So that means, quicker editing and updating on my blog. YAY!!  I am so super excited.  Stay tuned, I will hopefully have something exciting tomorrow!!


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