Tebbe Wedding, Marine & Highland, IL. July 30, 2011

Storms clouds were rolling in, before the ceremony Melissa ran to the church to hide in the small cramped cry room before the possibility of being soaked by the rain about to come through.  It was hot and humid, and we did not know what to expect of the weather about to happen.  She was not nervous, she was excited!!  Melissa, never holds back her smiles and laughter.  She loves to go go go!!  Luckily I have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years…way back to spending time away at band camp and chorus trips.  She has a beautiful soul like no other, and it shows in the strength of her eyes.  Finally after 6 years together, Chad & Melissa are getting hitched.  Chad is an Auto Technician and Melissa is a High School Math Teacher.  They first met at the Highland raceway tracks.  Their wedding was planned around the schedule of the raceway.  Chad and most of the wedding crew…Were all part of the E55 CREW.  Hunting, four wheeling, and races are just a few common interest that connect them together.

Luckily the rain cleared up before we headed to Chad’s family farm to take some more beautiful pictures.  The humidity was hard to bare though.  After lots of sweating, we all headed to Jody’s Bar in Highland for a round of Jody’s Buckets.
Chad’s mother made some delicious homemade candies that were to die for.  The cupcakes were unbelievably amazing in 3 different flavors.  Of course we had plenty to try and taste test.  That’s the most important part of the day, critiquing the cakes for an evaluation.  

Although the end came too quickly, I was so happy to see the joy of the Lemanski and Tebbe families.  A trip to St. Martin’s for their honeymoon and then soon the school semester will start.  And they live happily ever after…..

Congrats Chad & Melissa Tebbe


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