Witte Wedding, Nashville IL. July 23, 2011

Two teachers fell in love…that was the beginning of their story.  Living in small towns, with farm land, old barns, old train stations, and everyone knows everyone.  Nashville IL, that’s where Dempsey and Jenny tied the knot and are residing.  It was unbelievably hot on July 23rd.  But it didn’t stop this gorgeous couple from enjoying their romantic wedding.  They have kindness in their hearts, which are known for the greatest teachers.

 Everyone was dressed their best.  It was not any traditional wedding.  Everything was elegant all the way down to the finest detail.  Jenny’s dress was like beautiful feathers touching her skin.  It was so immaculate.  She chose the most wonderful cathedral veil.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  Check out this handsome groom, the hair, smile and his charm.  I loved how happy he was…he was so happy to do anything I asked.  Once again, it was a hot day, but it certainly didn’t look like it bothered him. 

It was a magical ceremony…and it ended with the cutest buggy rebuilt by a family member.  Dempsey and Jenny drove off into the sunset…while family and friends waited for their arrival to come back.  As they went further down the rode where they couldn’t be seen anymore, everyone assumed they headed for their honeymoon.  Luckily they made rounds to come back…

I have to say once again, Look at Her…can a bride be any more gorgeous. Then you head to this fun and light hearted reception.  OH MY, FONDU!!!!  I couldn’t be a happier photographer.  I stole the rings from the bride and groom once again, and hid by the chocolate.  Although, I did get a few pictures in.  (and a chocolate covered face lol)  MMM MMM MMM, I was sad to leave all that yummy chocolate to end my evening.To Dempsey and Jenny Witte, I wish you the happiest marriage.  It was an honor to be with you on your most happiest day of the beginning of your lives together.  Congratulations to the Most Amazing Couple!!!!


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